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Too Far Out

CWRE considers the following myths to be sufficiently whacked that they are low on the priority list for refuting:

  • Evolution is a lie. / The Earth is 6,000 years old. / Humans have no genetic relationship to monkeys. -- see Issuepedia
  • Public assistance is like slavery. [3]
  • Homosexuality is bad.
    • Glen Cauthon: "Media making it appear so "Natural" and bombarding us with homosexuality every sports, in politics, in movies. They want a generation of homosexual children who will not breed. And it's even more than that. The "population explosion problem" is just a hoax. It's not even believed by those who started it. Only by the dip-sticks in Congress and people like Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Oprah "Bells In Her Fry" Winfrey and so on....and take a good look at those rich men and women."
  • Global warming is about increasing government control.
    • See comment here -- "Global warming is now relabeled as climate change but it's always been about more government control. Bernie's policies of coercive energy restrictions will further drive this country into depression. Energy is what allows us to be more productive and debate over the internet instead of digging for grubs for sustenance."
  • There are no morals without God.
    • Example: Frank Black's comments here (slightly edited): "moral absolutes? Under God yes, without God no. You atheists believe you have the ability to distinguish good from evil right from wrong! But you can not. God gave you the innate ability to know right from wrong. With out God's Commandments and Law's there is no difference. So all thing all permissible and no consequences for the atheist actions! So if your an Atheist then you cannot obey God's laws and Commandments! If you do then you Acknowledge that there is a God and you accept and follow his Commandments! Your comments are contradictory itself!"
  • Obama is on the side of the terrorists.


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