Myths/homelessness is a choice

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Myth: people are only homeless because they want to be.

Related myth: homeless people don't want to work


  • 2021-11-14 a post on Nextdoor has several:
    • "I know it’s hard to understand for most folks - some actually choose to be. I’ve spoken with many just to ask how they are. Give of you can, say hello and provide kindness, many want to be acknowledged."
    • "Excuse making does not help. If they want [a job], they will find a way to get it. There are enough public services in the area. Maybe it won't happen immediately, but once again, if they want it, they will find a way to get it."
    • "Facts! I bought some breakfast for one of the guys and he told me he moved this way with a group of people that choose to be homeless. They have their own community and have been all over the country."


  • 2019-03-27 Dismantling the Harmful, False Narrative That Homelessness Is a Choice "When asked what the most common misconception is about people experiencing homelessness, Mental Health Center of Denver supportive housing provider Takisha Keesee knew her answer right away: 'That they want to be homeless.' This myth enables apathy and maintains the nation's status quo of too many people experiencing homelessness in an urgent affordable housing crisis."