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Myth: Hybrid automobiles cause as much or more pollution than petrol-only cars.



"I heard that Prius, to make the battery it uses more Nickel and therefore causes more pollution to our environment.... It emits more carbon dioxide than regular gas cars! So, please continue to support Toyota by buying their Prius's!" — Cyn Rickman-Kirkman, Facebook comment, 2015-03-22


At least one major origin of this myth appears to be a 2007 report by CNW Marketing Research, an "automotive marketing company", which used faulty analysis techniques to reach the conclusion that the Hummer H1, H2 and H3 are more energy efficient than a Toyota Prius hybrid and many other smaller vehicles.



This myth consists primarily of focusing on the environmental costs of production only, and ignoring or downplaying the long-term environmental savings gained from that investment.

The amount of additional pollution created by the production of the additional batteries needed by EVs and hybrids is a one-time event which must be factored in over the lifetime of the car. A 2006 US Department of Energy report agreed that hybrid cars do indeed require more energy to produce (and emit more greenhouse gases during production) than conventional cars, but also found that petrol-only vehicles require far more energy to operate and emit far more greenhouse gases over their average lifetimes.

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