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Marketism is a faith-based political belief-system with a rich mythology and historical origins in 18th century liberal economic philosophy, from which it borrows authenticity while supporting a completely different goal. It has recently gained favor with the rentier class as a means of convincing the productive class to cooperate with their own subjugation.


Ideas often advocated by marketists include:

Marketist terminology:


Some questions for marketeers:

  1. Do you agree that your philosophy has some issues that need to be resolved?
  2. Do you agree that government sometimes "gets it right", i.e. sometimes intentionally does good things?
  3. Do you agree that some amount of coercion is necessary in any society?
    1. How do you resolve the discrepancy between the idea of a "purely voluntary" society and the idea that it would be okay for private individuals to hire a police force?
  4. Do you dispute that property rights are a form of coercion?
  5. Do you dispute that the need for employment in order to survive is a form of coercion?
    • These two points have been raised here; no answer as of 2015-02-14.
  6. How is the complaint that "government has a monopoly on force" different from complaining that you can't beat up people who don't do what you want?


"rights" means "law enforcement is immoral"

  1. Get you to accept their definition of "rights", which is that they are created by nature (not humans) and yet are undetectable to science. (Kind of like "God".)
  2. Once you've accepted this, they get you to accept their (reasonable-sounding) list of what those (undetectable) rights are, because <select arbitrary explanation from list and insert here>.
  3. On the basis of that list of inalienable natural rights that you can't argue with because NATURE, they can then argue that taxation is theft and the use of force by governments to keep people from doing bad things is the Worst Thing Evar.


Marketist philosophy may be summed up as "In the absence of government, we will be safe from people who want to exploit others because we can freely form organizations to protect ourselves from those of ill intent. These organizations are different from governments because they will do things the way I think things ought to be done, and because I will, of course, be among the leaders." (h/t Jeremy Nixon in this thread)

Marketists tend to hate George Soros, partly because he is a rich white guy who calls them out on their worship of rich white guys and partly because he likes democracy and they don't.