Forced birth movement

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The forced birth movement, which self-identifies as a "right to life" or "pro-life" movement (a misnomer) and claims to be in favor of reducing the number of abortions (they aren't), advocates the enslavement of women through their reproductive organs, forcing pregnant women to give birth regardless of the cost to the woman or to society.

Among white people, this typically takes the form of propaganda asserting a fear that "inferior" brown people (mainly blacks and Mexicans) will out-breed whites, leading to the fall of civilization. Among black people, it is more often expressed as an accusation that abortion providers are attempting to carry out a plan of black genocide.

Having failed to make abortion illegal at the federal level – the Supreme Court having found that, to the contrary, access to abortion services is a right – the movement has fallen back on legislative trickery that effectively denies women access to family planning services including contraception, sex education, and abortion services without running afoul of laws intended to protect such access.

Members of the movement have repeatedly lied, destroyed property, harassed countless people, and even killed in pursuit of their cause.

False pretenses

This movement often claims to be about two things: (1) supporting a "right to life", and (2) preventing unwanted pregnancies. It is not actually about either of these things.


The actual purpose of this movement is to maximize birth rates, at any cost, among those who buy into their propaganda and in society at large.


  • This movement is but one expression of the generally fascistic right wing worldview.