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Apparently, you only have a "right to life" until you're born.

The "right to life" (aka "pro-life") movement isn't at all about anyone having a right to their own lives. It is about enslaving women through their reproductive organs and forcing pregnant women to give birth, regardless of the cost, as often as possible.

A movement that truly supported the human right to life would advocate for:

things that people who are pro-life should be advocating
  • abolishment of capital punishment
  • abolishment of war
  • gun control
  • universal healthcare -- or at least adequate public healthcare and education, especially for children
  • universal free school lunches
  • more assistance for children living in poverty
  • a stronger social safety net in general
  • stronger action against companies that pollute the drinking water and air; stronger regulations to prevent such pollution in the first place
  • healthcare and living assistance for immigrants, documented or not
  • removal of lead (causes permanent retardation in children; leaded gasoline has been strongly linked to the late-1980s crime epidemic)
  • protection of water quality
  • subsidized high-quality daycare for working parents

While some right-to-life advocates may admit to supporting some of the above, this is never the focus of their advocacy. They are typically more concerned about maximizing birth rates, at any cost, among those who buy into their propaganda.




  • Inspiration for some of the bullet-points came from this meme