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No Trans People Murdered in UK in 2020, so Just Ignore All the Harassment and Threats

  • 2020-11-21 11:04 @JoolzDenby No transpeople were murdered in the UK this year or last. NONE. Let that sink in. You are being lied to and gaslighted in a huge and unforgivable way. Trans is the safest of all social categories. Why aren’t they celebrating that?

So, you know, we should just ignore the fact that transphobic hate crime reports have quadrupled over the past five years in the UK. It's fine.

A later tweet cites 241 as the number of women and girls murdered in 2019. The total trans population is estimated to be between 200k and 500k, out of a total population of 66,796,807 (Demography of the United Kingdom... let's round that down to 66.7M), or .003 (0.3%) to 0.0075 (0.75%) of the population, with women and girls being about 51% of the population, then the corresponding murder rate for trans people would be about:

est. number of women+girls in the UK: 66.7 x 0.51 =~ 34M
murder rate of women+girls per capita: 241 / 34M = 0.0000071
number of trans people who would be murdered annually with a per-capita murder-rate of 0.0000071:
lower population estimate (200k): 200k x 0.0000071 = ~1.4
upper population estimate (500k): 500k x 0.0000071 = ~3.55

Now, how many of those are actually reported as being trans people? Are there official stats kept anywhere? This source says no: How many trans people are murdered in the UK?, but we can make some guesses: "According to these figures, there was one trans person murdered in the UK in that time, and a total of nine trans people were murdered in the UK between 2008 and 2017. That’s an average rate of one victim per year.]

This source says the number for women+girls is actually 241: Homicide in England and Wales: year ending March 2019 -- so the above calculations need to be revised a bit, and we probably end up at about 1 per year -- roughly the same as women+girls.