Transnegation Roundup/2020/11

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11/19 (Thu)

Bullying of Gay Teens Doesn't Happen

Really. When we deny reality, people look at us like we're denying reality. So unfair.

You've got to be kidding.

11/20 (Fri)

Argumentum ab Mortem?

  • 2020-11-20 10:55 @flyinglawyer73 GENDER CRITICAL activist journalist Joani Walsh threatened to take her own life in bizarre plot to ‘bring down’ Stephanie Hayden and to send the note to Hayden’s bereaved relative in last act of revenge. Walsh wanted to be a martyr for the anti-#transgender cause. (tweet by Stephanie Hayden; can't find source for screenshot)

I Love Hate, Hate Is Great

  • 2020-11-20 06:30 @wearefaircop Thanks, but no thanks. Hate is as legitimate an emotion as love or indifference and, like our thinking, our emotions are not a police matter. Of course, say we say No to criminal behaviour. But we #SayYesToHate. (in response to a "say no to hate" campaign image)

Well. Don't mince words, Bones...

11/21 (Sat)

No Trans People Murdered in UK in 2020, so Just Ignore All the Harassment and Threats

  • 2020-11-21 11:04 @JoolzDenby No transpeople were murdered in the UK this year or last. NONE. Let that sink in. You are being lied to and gaslighted in a huge and unforgivable way. Trans is the safest of all social categories. Why aren’t they celebrating that?

So, you know, we should just ignore the fact that transphobic hate crime reports have quadrupled over the past five years in the UK. It's fine.

A later tweet cites 241 as the number of women and girls murdered in 2019. The total trans population is estimated to be between 200k and 500k, out of a total population of 66,796,807 (Demography of the United Kingdom... let's round that down to 66.7M), or .003 (0.3%) to 0.0075 (0.75%) of the population, with women and girls being about 51% of the population, then the corresponding murder rate for trans people would be about:

est. number of women+girls in the UK: 66.7 x 0.51 =~ 34M
murder rate of women+girls per capita: 241 / 34M = 0.0000071
number of trans people who would be murdered annually with a per-capita murder-rate of 0.0000071:
lower population estimate (200k): 200k x 0.0000071 = ~1.4
upper population estimate (500k): 500k x 0.0000071 = ~3.55

Now, how many of those are actually reported as being trans people? Are there official stats kept anywhere? This source says no: How many trans people are murdered in the UK?, but we can make some guesses: "According to these figures, there was one trans person murdered in the UK in that time, and a total of nine trans people were murdered in the UK between 2008 and 2017. That’s an average rate of one victim per year.]

This source says the number for women+girls is actually 241: Homicide in England and Wales: year ending March 2019 -- so the above calculations need to be revised a bit, and we probably end up at about 1 per year -- roughly the same as women+girls.

11/23 (Mon)

Transitioning Is Part of the Corporate Transhumanist Agenda, Apparently

Transgenderism and surrogacy are both products of what @jbportraits has identified as a corporate agenda “to colonise our sexed bodies.” The links between them are extensive. Both offer lucrative market opportunities for Big Pharma and private healthcare.

These market opportunities are linked. Trans adults made infertile by cross-sex hormones and genital surgery will have absorbed the belief that bodies are there to be manipulated. This, and an attitude of entitlement, will boost the demand for surrogacy.

Both transgenderism and surrogacy need legal changes to facilitate their development. Both piggy back on progressive causes like equal marriage to achieve these changes - eg trans self-declaration in 2015 Ireland, and surrogacy law in 2020 Argentina.

Both transgenderism and surrogacy require body dissociation, and use reductionist language to objectify women (“menstruators”, “gestational carriers”). This reductionism is an essential building block for the transhumanist project to ‘improve’ human bodies.

Pursuit of the transhumanist vision depends on the development of techniques which can manipulate body parts and genes to fashion new bodies. Transgender clinics and surrogacy clinics are laboratories where those techniques are being pioneered.

Give me a break.

  • Accuses trans people of:
    • "absorbing the belief that bodies are there to be manipulated" -- as if this was wrong
    • "an attitude of entitlement" (to what?)
    • experiencing "body dissociation" only as voluntary thing, not something we are trying to treat with transition
  • Claims that inclusive language (which this calls "reductionist") objectifies women, which it does not.
  • Claims there's a transhumanist project to "improve" human bodies -- as if this were a bad thing, if it existed, which it doesn't in any substantial way but should.
  • Claims that transgender clinics are part of a process for developing transhumanist body-mod techniques... which, no, just isn't the case. They're not well-funded and they don't do much (if any) research. That would be nice, though.


Apparently "surrogacy" refers to surrogate motherhood. Based on subsequent discussion in that thread, the problem with this is not so much the existence of surrogacy, or even of paying for it, but the existence of a sense of entitlement around it -- "feeling entitled to rent a woman's womb to produce 'their' child". it's possible that this is a thing, though I haven't heard of it being a widespread problem. To the extent that it is, I could certainly see it being the product of kyriarchal/corporate propaganda -- but as with the claims about trans people, no sources are offered for this.