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But What About The Children

  • 2020-09-06 12:30 @ScottNewgent Kids are being brainwashed; they are trans in UK schools. In Canada last week, a father was paraded in the "Prisoner Box," The judge warned other parents from speaking against the school system med transitioning kids & ending up in jail too, like this father. / Lupron, the hormone blocker given to prepubescent kids, is given out like candy, yet it has never been tested on gender dysphoric kids, and we do not know the long term consequences. (2 tweets combined)
    • links to 2001-10-04 2 Drug Makers to Pay $875 Million to Settle Fraud Case "Prosecutors contended that sales representatives for TAP gave doctors free samples of Lupron, a drug used to treat prostate cancer and infertility, and then helped them get government reimbursements at hundreds of dollars for each dose." This article has absolutely nothing to do with transition meds. Yes, Lupron has been used as a puberty blocker... but what does this article from 2001 have to do with that? Red-flag.png misrepresentation


  • Nobody is pushing transition on kids.
  • Nobody is pushing HRT or puberty blockers.
  • Trans kids typically face steep obstacles to obtaining desperately-needed and desired medical intervention, not to mention being allowed to present as their true gender.

(Don't make me use my angry voice. ...oh, but that's what you want, isn't it.)