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Depends What You Mean

10:37 @TheFamousArtBR Rosie Duffield said that Women have cervixes. What’s the problem???? Why exactly did she have to apologise for that?


  • Most cis women have cervixes. (Some do not.)
  • Most trans men also have cervixes.
  • Trans women do not have cervixes (not possible with current technology).

The statement "X have Y" is an Red-flag.png ambiguous statement which can mean either:

  • All X have Y -- but "all women have cervixes" isn't true.
  • All with Y are X -- but "all people with cervixes" isn't true either.

While there are some other groups of people for whom either of these statements is untrue, it so happens that by far the largest groups are trans women (who don't have cervixes) and trans men (who mostly do).

I'm sure this fact has nothing to do with any attempt to bait trans people by feigning ignorance over how it is inaccurate.