Political parties/comparison

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Those who insist that the Democrats are no better than the Republicans are generally committing the Texas sharpshooter fallacy (stressing the similarities while ignoring the differences) and need to take the Party Equivalence Challenge.

Democrats Republicans
  • Policy agenda typically based on evidence towards a more egalitarian, classless society
  • End "War on Drugs" (good):
    • Treat drug dependence as illness, not crime
  • Continue "War on Drugs" (bad):
    • Drug use, sale, and production should be punished
  • Help those in need.
  • Proposals for increasing employment generally involve giving more money to the rich, which doesn't work and makes economic disparity worse.
  • raise taxes to pay for desired spending
  • tend to oppose starting wars or invading other countries
  • strongly approve wars and invasions, often unanimously; refuse to raise taxes to pay for war expenses
  • work to reduce racism
  • claim to be against racism, but:
    • support laws that have a disproportionate negative effect on non-whites
      • e.g. voter ID laws
    • heavily promote racist beliefs and ideas