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It is frequently claimed that the Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans when it comes to spreading disinformation and lies.


Topics upon which the Democrats have been accused of spreading disinformation include:


  • Benghazi was caused by a video: Democrat quote examples needed, and an explanation of why this is untrue. (Claim: Scott Wilson)
  • The IRS did not target conservatives: this is true; the IRS did not. (Claim: Scott Wilson)
  • Unemployment is down: examples needed. (Claim: Scott Wilson)
    • This is true by the measures of employment used by both parties when in power.
    • It is untrue by some measures of employment, but these are not as commonly discussed.
    • Obama said something about this in the January 2015 State of the Union address; it was debunked by FactCheck, which basically pointed out the above. (Need to find links.)
  • You can keep your insurance plan (with regard to Obamacare): this is true in that Obamacare does not invalidate any plans. Insurance companies may have dropped some low-end plans due to the ACA's requirements to actually make them worth a damn. (Also, need examples of Democrats saying this.) (Claim: Scott Wilson)


So far, none of these claims have panned out; see individual subpages for details. In each case, there is at least some substantial validity to concerns promoted by Democrats.