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posted to Fact-Based Ethical Politics on Nextdoor

If connecting Hurricane Ian with global warming is "politicizing a tragedy"...

...then I guess that's a good thing to do, and we should do it more often.

«Jesse Watters used the storm to mock climate action and later Tucker Carlson referred to severity warnings as a “scam,” though he did admit that the threat from Ian was real. / And within an hour of [Cuba's power grid collapsing], Sean Hannity declared Democrats noting climate change’s potential impacts on hurricanes were “politicizing a tragedy.”» -- 2022-09-27 As Hurricane Ian hits Florida, Fox News undermines climate change

Would that ^ then be "politicizing the politicizing of a tragedy? If I make fun of them for doing it, am I politicizing the politicizing of the politicizing of a tragedy? And if a conservatist makes fun of that last sentence, then...