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Apparently quality control is now "woke" and therefore bad.

posted to Fact-Based Ethical Politics on Nextdoor, and in modified form as a retweet

The Ben Shapiro Challenge:

say "I believe only straight white men are good at science" without actually saying it.

Include at least one implicit lie for bonus points.

My source notes that the Challenger and Columbia disasters -- where people were actually killed and equipment destroyed -- happened under Reagan and Bush (43), not noted for their pro-diversity stances.

The far Right apparently believes that the best way to make a point is to note something which actually makes the opposite point, but then only include the bits that support your view.

Not sure who would buy that, but apparently Shapiro still has an audience...?

Further thoughts

I mean, really, this was an example of a disaster not happening because proper care was exercised... and this kind of thing happens all the time with space launches. You have to be extremely uninformed, or else using highly motivated reasoning, to think he's making a good point.