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This was posted to Ethical Politics on Nextdoor.


One user had made several posts which were just links. In my group (antifascist politics), I have a guideline that recommends against this, for reasons -- but this user's posts didn't really run afoul of those reasons, and the posts weren't in my group and as far as I can tell there is no Nextdoor policy against posting just links.

Nonetheless, several of his posts were reported as "spam" by conservoids. From that point forward, he (and I think others) began prefacing their posts with "NOT SPAM" and other similar disclaimers -- so I felt compelled to write this, loosely adapted from my "Chain Mail CV".


This is not a spam post. It is a real genuine post that I have written and not spammed anyone with. It has been around the world seven times. It was started by a missionary in Ethiopia, who delivered mud to a small impoverished village there. Why deliver mud? Well, this town was so incredibly poor that they couldn't even afford mud. This is just an example of the selfless dedication of this missionary. Help him continue to do his work by reposting and resharing this totally original not-spam post that I wrote.

Reshare within 24 hours and you will receive blessings! Fred Jones of Aplacin, Michigan was nothing, nowhere, nobody. He lived in a van down by the river. But then he reshared this post and the next day he won $1m in the lottery. His wife also came back, his truck got fixed, and he sobered up. He stopped lying awake at night wondering if there was a dog, because his insomnia, dyslexia, and agnosticism were all cured.

Joe Smith of Idaknow, Ohio saw this post in his in-box but didn't reshare it within 24 hours; the very next day, he joined the Republican Party. HEED WELL THIS WARNING IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU TOO.