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posted to "Ethical Politics" on Nextdoor

In light of recent anti-LGBTQ+ stuff I've seen here, this video seems very timely.

One critique: he notes that they avoid picking on famous gay people, because gayness has become a little too familiar and thus difficult to other -- but they have been massively attacking Eliot Page for being trans, so apparently transness is still alien enough to allow that.

On the other hand, he makes a good point about the unity of the disparate groups on the far Right. Yes, they each have different priorities, but they're all working for the same overall goals. They'll try to argue that they shouldn't be lumped together, but... yeah, they basically should be, because they all want the same terrible things.

Anyway... That's all for now from your friendly neighborhood trans girl, still fighting for a better tomorrow in spite of all these utter sphincters trying to take over the country and subjugate everyone to their bizarre ideology. ^.^


My response to someone observing that it's "a real shame that people have nothing better to do than go around attacking people. [...] it appears that they target anyone in their view lately.":

Actually, their ire is pretty much focused on whoever the power-players have decided to demonize.

I have some sympathy for them because they've been lied to -- probably all their lives -- and they truly believe that the people they target are bad people who deserve this violent treatment.

As you say, it's really sad -- and we know how it happens, too. Schools in right-wing areas selectively leave out important bits -- like the history of slavery and how it still impacts Black people today, or the history of LGBTQ+ people, or the existence of other successful economic models besides capitalism -- thus allowing kids to grow up believing completely untrue things about the government, society, biology, science in general...

...and leaving them vulnerable to manipulation-for-power like this.

Knowledge is power. Ignorance is vulnerability. What you don't know can kill you, or can be used to exploit you.

Schools should teach the whole truth.


Someone reported the post on 2022-07-12, with the following comment: «The poster directly says that all "right wing" people should be lumped together and they ALL want "terrible things" to happen . This is untrue, unprovable, & extremely offensive & discriminatory.» Obviously, I never said anything about all right-wing people; the post specifically refers to the far right. Discriminatory against fascists? How terrible. I added a comment:

I gather some folks find this post discriminatory. Is it bad to discriminate against white nationalists and fascists? Discuss.

and another:

How about evil? If a religion or group came along that publicly supported hurting people for no good reason and generally destroying things, would it be wrong to discriminate against them?

Is there a line to be drawn here, or should we just always allow everyone to say and do whatever they want, because, well, their opinion is valid too?