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posted to Nextdoor: National Politics =Rebecca Watson reluctantly tackles CRT, leaving open the question of why right-wingers are so easily manipulated.

Transcript/links: https://www.patreon.com/posts/66589643


There's a pretty easy response to Republicans crying about CRT being taught to children:
The End.


You'd think that would be the end of it, wouldn't you.


To my mind, the following confirms what I've long suspected about *why* the Right ever made this an issue, not to mention why they're still going on about it despite the utter lack of any real issue (much less threat):


We’ve needed new language for these issues. [...] Political correctness’ is a dated term and, more importantly, doesn’t apply anymore. It’s not that elites are enforcing a set of manners and cultural limits, they’re seeking to reengineer the foundation of human psychology and social institutions through the new politics of race, It’s much more invasive than mere ‘correctness,’ which is a mechanism of social control, but not the heart of what’s happening. The other frames are wrong, too: ‘cancel culture’ is a vacuous term and doesn’t translate into a political program; ‘woke’ is a good epithet, but it’s too broad, too terminal, too easily brushed aside. ‘Critical race theory’ is the perfect villain

[/quote] - Christopher Rufo, quoted in The New Yorker last June

They need a label which they can associate with imaginary problems that they can get people upset about, so as to help focus and nurture that upsetness. Rufo is admitting, right there, that it's all about the rage-farming.


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