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This was not posted to Nextdoor.

Republican Governor says something awful; film at 11.

Gods above and below these people ("right-to-life" advocates) are *assholes*.

Sorry, is that "unneighborly"? Is it unneighborly to call a politician an asshole, if he's being an asshole?

If so, I think it should be considered even more unneighborly for him to *be* one. Can Nextdoor suspend his Governorship account? No?

Then we need to resolve this amongst ourselves, don't we.

Pete Ricketts is an amazing fucking asshole, and so is anyone who supports this assholery.

To those who would report this post: if you don't want to hear me saying this, then you clearly don't really want to know *what we actually think* -- and that's what dialogue is all about, Charlie Brown. Do you want dialogue, or do you just want to get your way?


I decided not to post it because it would gives the conservoids too many easy excuses to dismiss it; it plays into the tropes they've been taught which lead them away from caring what we think.