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This comment was in response to Jane's post on Nextdoor (antifa pol) about this video:


It plays like overhyped political fearmongering -- but damn it, that *is* the future these rulings and laws are pushing us towards.

I was noticing yesterday that a number of folks on the Right don't seem to realize that outcomes aren't just a thing that political bodies *decide* -- as if politics was a battle between people who want good outcomes ("WANT JOBS? VOTE TRUMP/PENCE") and people who want *bad* outcomes (as if the Dems wanted to destroy jobs?) -- but a thing they need to *engineer* via good policy.

They see GOP pols enacting policy to outlaw abortion, and... maybe they honestly believe that will actually reduce abortion, because that was the intent of the policy.

Maybe it'll also reduce unwanted pregnancies and immorality, they may be thinking, because that's also why the policy was created. It invoked the correct moral values. Whatever moral values are invoked in the passing of a law are the values which will in fact (they seem to believe) be those which are upheld by the legislation.

Perhaps the GOP's entire stance can be explained by magical thinking?