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posted to "National Politics" on Nextdoor

"Pedophilia", QAnon, and eliminationism

Earlier today, I came across this history lesson from Rachel Maddow (posted this morning but apparently recorded last night): Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: April 18 (mainly the first 14m39s; the rest of the clip is an interview -- which is nonetheless interesting as it goes into some specific details of what the investigation found).

And then, as if waiting for its cue, I just now saw this (shared by Sandy's ex-Navy eldest son), which happened today a little before noon: https://twitter.com/melorriii/status/1516518413056811018[1]

The first item shows us where the "conservatism" being discussed in the second item will take us. It explains today's conservoid mindset -- why they don't care about violations of democratic principles, why they're absolutely fine with cheating to win, why they don't care about any facts that might disagree with their position.

In their eyes, we are evil monsters who need to be destroyed.