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In response to a comment from a known right-winger defending the BBBS school-board takeover attempt on a public post on Nextdoor, I wrote a comment:

Ok, folks, so here (JB's comment) we have the authoritarian talking-points:

  • If you're trying to subvert an operation, remember that resistance is "divisive". Things would just be so much better for everyone if we just let them do what they want.
  • "Ideas and views" are always a good thing to contribute, when a right-winger is "bringing" them. Racist ideas are good, speech-suppression is a a great idea. It's "for the children", even if it will actually demonstrably harm them.
  • ...though of course if we ask them what their ideas are, there will be crickets. We're just supposed to accept their ideas, remember? Don't be divisive!

The only reason these candidates are getting funding is because of emotionally immature people who can't deal with the existence of racism[1] and LGBTQ people[2]. Those people vote for candidates who will put those "divisive" progressive people back in their "place", so righteous authoritarians can feel "comfortable" again.

I've posted a summary of the situation here: https://issuepedia.org/US/NC/Durham/elec/2022/05/17/school_board


1. a real problem they want to pretend out of existence
2. not a problem, but they want the next generation to grow up believing that it is

follow-up comment

I don't want to turn this into a flame-war, so I'm not going to respond to any obvious misrepresentations of what I said. The adults here are smart enough to figure it out.