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why I can't be a "liberal"


I've been to reddit and found how how libs feel about climate catastrophe

they think it's human nature. like, they think all 7bi people are greedy and short-sighted and that the planet is burning because their neighbour personally doesn't want to give up heated houses or cheap gas, times 7 billion.

their takeway from covid was, and I'm being serious here, that people are bad at decisions and should be forced to do things. (because the handling of covid was based on bottom-up decisions processes, apparently.)

the capitalists have thoroughly gaslighted the liberal imagination, they will blame everybody except the ones who hold decision power over resources and social organisation.

[/quote] https://transmom.love/@elilla/108083787218666588

Pro tip: The climate crisis and the mishandling of the COVID crisis are reflections of *systemic* problems.

A note on incremental change (another thing libs are overly fond of): Working from within the system to improve the system will *help* towards fixing these issues, but there are negative factors at work which seem to be operating more quickly right now.

I think a more conservative take would be that many systems urgently need redesigning and rebuilding from the ground up, because we are losing irreplaceable resources every day this goes on.