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posted to Nextdoor

Supreme Court decision is excellent news for policing


The law as it has existed, until today, consistently nurtured bad apples and allowed them to corrupt police departments from within.

Today's ruling will help good officers everywhere to prevail and start restoring a sense of trust, greatly eroded these past few years, between law enforcement and the public.

There's still a long way to go, but this will help a great deal.

Select quotes from the thread:


Until today, the law almost everywhere allowed a police officer to frame an innocent person for a crime with impunity.

It did not matter that framing an innocent person completely upended their life. The person might be thrown in jail. Might lose their job. Face months years of hearings on the bogus charges.

After those charges were dismissed, the innocent person couldn't sue.

[This legal structure] has governed almost the whole country for decades.


To the good officers who have *not* engaged in these reprehensible behaviors: I salute you, and I hope this makes doing your job much easier, moving forward.