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posted to Nextdoor

homelessness vs. recreational insecurity

I seem to be seeing a lot of faux-Left takes lately, and not just about Russia.

This one -- https://www.quora.com/Should-homeless-people-be-allowed-to-sleep-in-public-parks/answer/Reddgie-Thormann -- seems to basically be saying that it's more important for some people to feel safe while engaging in recreation than it is for other people to feel safe while sleeping.

It also seems to assume that if there aren't enough places for homeless people to sleep, that we'd still not let them sleep in the public parks we pay for.

To put it in Nextdoor language: This seems quite unneighborly to me.

If my taxes are being used to prioritize recreation over making sure everyone's basic needs are taken care of, then something seems very wrong -- especially if we won't even let people who badly need those facilities use them on an emergency basis.