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posted to Nextdoor

The Fruits of Rage-Farming

Here's a short list of non-issues which the GOP has succeeded in growing into political power-fruit which also happens to contradict values they claim to support (note that I'm not including "honesty" in those values; they seem to have given up claiming that one):

1. "critical race theory" (not taught in grade schools anywhere) is now used as an excuse to excise unwanted books and entire areas of history from schoolroom discussion, largely through ambiguous chilling effects (contradicts: free speech, small government)

2. the non-problem of trans girls participating in girls' sports has been used to drive support for legislation to make it illegal (contradicts: small government)

3. immigration (contradicts: freedom)

4. Arizona HB 2161 (fortunately, I think a court has suspended this or something) would require teachers to report providing trans healthcare as "child abuse". (contradicts: parental rights, free speech)

5. Indiana HB 1134 (which fortunately failed) seems to have been intended to cover a buffet-list of things the conservoids don't want taught, and oopsy-daisy unintentionally ending up making it basically impossible for public schools to teach much of anything. (So sorry 'bout ruining free education! How 'bout a nice ideologically-driven charter school, or maybe some vouchers?) (contradicts: hm, maybe nothing; they never claimed to care about education)

6. ...and let's not forget the whole "stop the steal" nonsense, for which they have yet to provide the least bit of evidence and yet is a thing now fervently and deeply believed by many on the Right. (contradicts: honest elections)

...so, you know, the whole "don't say gay" law in Florida (HB 1557, passed last week) was really just another Tuesday for today's power-mad, hypocrisy-drenched GOP.

Can we cancel them now, please?