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originally posted to errorism v1 and Nextdoor

Prominent Conservoid Politician Escalates Attacks on Disempowered Group

2022-02-23 NBC: Texas governor calls on citizens to report parents of transgender kids for abuse

Some relevant narratives to keep in mind:

  • «Dems are divisive» (from elsewhere): here we have a clear example of a major GOP contender making a deliberate effort to further polarize the country around the issue of transgenderness
  • «GOP supports small government» (from elsewhere): said GOP leader is inviting professionals to betray confidences to the state, so the state can punish parents for improper political alignment
  • «allowing children proper transgender medical care is child abuse» (implied or stated here): obviously untrue, but it's good for rage-farming the gullibles

Anyone supporting this monstrosity is being deeply incivil and hostile to their many trans and trans-ally neighbors.

(I was going to do a post about incivility and conservoid narratives, but I'm still working on it and this didn't feel like it should wait.)