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originally posted to Errorism v1 and Nextdoor

Republicans excelling at incivility, as usual

More descriptive headline: Iowa middle-schooler becomes agent of errorist disinformation, unwittingly participates in ongoing right-wing campaign to terrorize trans women

2022-02-22 DKos: middle-schooler gives heartbreaking testimony against trans inclusion in sports

  • Q: What does a bored conservoid do?
  • A: Spread lies about people who can't easily fight back in order to get their base enraged and ready to send money.

They like to say we are being divisive but they're the ones who routinely spread these lies, knowing that it will drive a wedge between the gullible and the informed — the former fervently believing them and the latter needing to stop them — with rage on both sides.

I don't know what better definition of "being divisive" you could want.