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cross-posted from Nextdoor

intellectual "property" vs. social benefit, #ThanksCapitalism

Meg posted about this in the non-anti-fascist political group:

She says it somehow got closed for comments about a minute after posting, with (as usual for Nextdoor) no notice and no reason given.

We're a bit puzzled because Camille (the admin) had been protesting earlier about people closing comments on their *own* posts, either temporarily or permanently -- but they don't seem to be heavily into treating people equally or consistently over there, so I guess this is unsurprising.

So, yeah, this touches on a lot of political issues, including the social value of for-profit corporations, the social value of "intellectual property" (which, to my mind, is increasingly just a land-grab for the rentier (non-working) class -- see the Immortal Mouse Copyright Act) and the need for some kind of regulation around important work done for the public good such that it doesn't get lost when a company goes out of business.

Since it can't be discussed there right now, let's discuss it here!


Camille is at it again -- she reported this post as "uncivil, unneighborly, or offensive" with a note that it represents --

More reposting of posts from another group this author was banned from. Then making accusatory assumptions about the moderator of the other group.

As far as I know there's no guideline against reposting from a public group, whether you're a member or not -- *especially* if I'm reposting in order to support/agree with the post, *with* the author's permission -- and I also can't see how what I said can be interpreted as accusatory, beyond the undisputed facts.

I believe I've said before that reporting my posts *in my own group* is a zero-tolerance offense, so I've removed her from the group.