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This is crossposted from Nextdoor.

response to a comment addressed to me where I can't reply

In the conservapol group, DB said:

some also want to control [women] trying to make them feel like they care about [women]’s rights and convince them to use abortion as a means of birth control but they don’t consider the psychological consequences nor do they have to live with those choices . There are also new medical advancements using umbilical cord and blood to save people with HIV .

So, I'm having a really hard time with the twisted logic of this.

It basically seems to be arguing that the government shouldn't give women a right which for many decades they asked for, campaigned for, struggled for, and clearly need -- and are now having to do that all again, to prevent that right from being taken away -- because they've just been brainwashed into thinking they want it and it's actually bad for them and they'll understand when they're older.

Or, more succinctly:

A group of people has fought hard for a certain right, but they shouldn't get it because they're just confused and it's harmful to them.

Do I have that right? Is that the logic which is considered valid among "conservative" voters?

Asking for a hundred million or so friends.