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About those "woke" M&Ms...

(Is "woke" the new "PC"? or is there a difference?)

Here's what actually happened:

1. Mars, Inc. (MI) was sued by some men who had formerly worked as slave laborers on farms which provided materials that MI used in the manufacture of M&MS.

2. Outraged that one of their suppliers had behaved so badly, MI immediately offered restitution and a thorough ethical review of their supply-chain... owait, sorry, those are my notes from the *other* universe where people don't suck as much.

2, take 2: In *this* universe, MI decided that the main problem this represented was bad optics for them, so they decided to fix it through -- go on, you'll never guess! -- a PR campaign designed to show how inclusive they are!

3. The rightwingosphere, never being one to let a rotting corpse decay naturally, promptly looked for ways to smear it all over the non-sucky parts of humanity, as if it was somehow our idea.

(...because, ya know, we're such huge fans of corporate advertising.)

4. ...with the primary goal being, of course, covering fire for corporate-driven slavery -- since Tucker's raving about Lady M&M's lack of sexiness would, of course, dominate the clickbait headlines far more easily than any boring trivia about child-trafficking involving nonwhite children, because you can't get white people outraged about that.


Mildred has a video which goes into a lot more detail -- but again, I caution any "conservative"-identified folks against viewing it, as it clearly violates the narratives you've been carefully fed and also he does complicated things like arguing both sides of a position. I think It'll be clear to most of us which side he's arguing at any given time, but that does require a certain mental agility which your authorities have carefully trained you out of. Don't say I didn't warn you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09Uz_7KnkR8

P.S. For reference: