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This is a crosspost of a Nextdoor post by Jane B.


Mixed ticket. Interesting idea for 2024.

What would gains/losses be? I like the idea but am afraid progressives would lose more than they'd gain.

Conversation about Israel offers food for thought -- but that's a parliamentary system.



I responded:

Friedman is not the most reliable of prognosticators, though at least he doesn't seem to be overtly denialist. Bear in mind that he wrote a book, "The World Is Flat", about how great globalization is, right before the big crash of 2007-8 (which was made worse by globalization)... and of course the pandemic has further illustrated the problems with global supply-chaining I guess I'd view him as being "sensible center-right", but not someone who is particularly perceptive or wise.

More relevantly: Although part of me finds the idea of partnering with sensible GOP pols to be an appealing one, I think it's important not to forget the anti-progressive values that Cheney, Murkowski, and Romney all stand for.

I guess it's a question of balance -- how do we weight the gains and losses: - GAIN: standing up for the democratic process and the importance of certain truths - LOSS: allowing more regressive attitudes back under the Dem tent, downgrading the importance of many other truths

Friedman suggests that maybe C/M/R could be persuaded to adopt more Dem-friendly positions -- but even if so, would they still be viewed as GOP/"conservative"? Would they lose the base we're hoping to gain by partnering with them?

Overall, I think we need to be pushing harder for progressive ideals, rather than trying to compromise with regressive ones which ultimately are themselves based on disinformation.

In my estimation, Bernie had a better chance of winning against Trump in 2016 than Hillary did, and it was a foolish gamble to inject Biden into the 2020 race (one which fortunately worked out) -- and I see public sentiment generally shifting away from the authoritarian ideals represented by (even the best of) the GOP.

We've seen too much of where they lead; we're living in a sneak preview of the dystopia they would create.