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This is a cross-post from Nextdoor.


subject: Just to Manchin the obvious...

McConnell: "[Joe Manchin] in a really challenging position and a party that is dominated by sort of East Coast elitism views of what America should look like. I pull for him every day and pray for him every night.” https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2021/12/1/2066883/-Manchin-rewarded-by-Republican-group-with-ads-thanking-him-for-betraying-Biden-Democrats

OMG, what kind of idiots do you take us for, Mitch? Joe Manchin, the guy who would only take questions from the back of his yacht? The guy who only does what the coal lobby tells him to and ignores what his actual constituents in West Virginia want? Don't make me laugh.

This happened back at the beginning of December. I'd love to hear that "conservatives" gave Mitch the mockery he deserved, but I'm fully expecting they totally bought his BS.

Feel free to prove me wrong, though! It would restore a tiny bit of my faith in humanity.