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subject: Abbott: this right is important except when it isn't

This is whether or not somebody is going to have something put into their body that they do not want put into their body. That’s more than freedom, that’s the right to control and secure your own body.

https://twitter.com/acyn/status/1469495998372147201?s=21 (video)

How about the right to secure your body against an unwanted fetus, jerkface?

I have to think he knows full well that this is massively inconsistent with Texas's recent forced-birth law. He knows how to convert outrage -- from either side -- into political gain. The hypocrisy is the point.

And the folks who support him and his ilk have no problem with this, because all they see is their side "winning" -- never mind the harm it does to everyone, including them. They don't believe in principles. They don't *understand* principles. They just understand winning and losing.