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This is an ongoing crosspost from Nextdoor.


title: Bull Durham Hall of Nextdoor Excremence

As a companion piece to the Disinformation Log (https://nextdoor.com/p/5qzt4X_5-w-y?view=detail), I feel it's time to start a BS Log.

That way, obvious BS comments can be noted as such without having to dig into the rich and aromatic fecundity therein -- and their authors can be forever commemorated for their contribution to the Augean Stables that constitutes political discourse today.


Randall Jones said:

And sadly when Scott is alone in a room he still isn’t the smartest one in the room.
No matter what you respond with Scott that fact will never change.


2021-12-10 #2

Robert Appleby contributed, in the first comment below, an anti-pipeline-protest argument which tries to make it look like the ecologically sustainable thing to do is let fossil fuel companies build all the pipelines they want, concluding:

Killing Keystone was glibly decided by emotional idiots without brains! Destructive morons who are fooling America to boost their standing with Foreign paymasters.

It also vaguely hints that eliminating petrol and diesel vehicles in favor of electric is a bad idea, somehow, which is just the crem de la crem (only Stormlight fans will get this joke).

(Note: From other context, it seems clear that Appleby is not agreeing with the quote.)

2021-12-10 #1

Randall Jones https://nextdoor.com/p/PDKY_7j2yrB7/c/697582040?utm_source=share contributed the original inspiration for this list:

All that’s missing is the cheese from this whine feast of Democrats always crying elections aren’t fair when they lose.
Joe Biden got 80 million votes???
Joe Biden got more of the black vote than BHO???
How ignorant does one have to be to believe this??