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subject: Is this what they mean by "dialogue"?


Eternal souls, woven into earthen vessels, sanctified by Almighty God, and endowed with the miracle of life are denied their birth by a nation born of freedom.

-- Madison Cawthorn, 2021-12-01 https://twitter.com/RepCawthorn/status/1466185847628345345

If the issue is "should women be ultimately subservient to their fetal-hosting abilities?" then no, I don't want a dialogue.

I don't think that is a legitimate topic for discussion.

It's a bit too much like "should we put kittens in a blender?": there are some questions which should be OFF [emphatic curseword] LIMITS.

This is one of them.


In response to Camille asking the purpose of the post:

The purpose is to see if there are any basic principles that we can all agree on -- such as the idea that some proposals should be simply off-limits, not acceptable within a civil society.

It often seems that the unwritten rules here -- the rules by which you and other non-progressives seem to be operating -- are based on some kind of precept of universal tolerance.

I wanted to confirm whether my understanding of that is correct.