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subject: Republicans hate censorship, right?

Then why do they keep doing stuff like this?


  • Teacher teaches about a fictional work in which the authorities censor people for expressing their ideas.
  • Students are assigned the work of making posters to express their thoughts about this.
  • Many students make posters comparing events in the fictional work to current political events.
  • The authorities have the posters removed.


Note that the fictional work in question was, in its book form, on the list of 850 books that Texas would like to ban.

...but of course Republicans are fighting the good fight against censorship, so it's okay when they do it, because it's for the greater good.

...well, their greater good – because nobody would vote GOP if they understood reality.


Scott Dallamura

It's hypocrisy all the way down.

R: freedom of speech!
D: some things about America aren't perfect
R: no not like that
R: freedom of religion!
Atheist: happy holidays
R: no not like that
Muslim: hi!
R: no not like that either
R: the constitution!
D: (points to first amendment)
R: no not like that
R: back the blue!
Cop: Hey don't storm the capitol
R: no not like that
R: fiscal responsibility!
D: OK let's pay our debts
R: no not like that