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This is a cross-post of a comment I made on YouTube.


Dr. Wolff: I think you've got this a bit backwards. I've only watched to the halfway point, so please correct me if the rest of the video places the first half into a different context -- but here are the problems I see with what you have said so far:

1. It's true that the US government has a bad track record with this virus -- but that is because of *not acting quickly or firmly enough*. Our ex-president lied about the severity of the virus even when he knew better; he hindered efforts to protect the public, and repeatedly spread false information about the pandemic. Other countries which did better than we have done *did* enact mandates -- though many didn't have to , because their public has not been as deeply misled as our public has been, which happened because a certain political party decided to make opposition to sensible health precautions part of their unwritten platform.

2. Stories about working people objecting to mask-or-vaccine mandates have been greatly blown out of proportion. One story about the medical staff walking out of a hospital turned out to be a few dozen people, mostly nonmedical personnel, walking out of an entire multistate medical system -- a tiny percentage of the workforce, and not the best informed. In another case, reports of police officers walking out over mandates turned out to be *one* police officer. Reports of airline workers walking out have similarly turned out to be fabrications.

3. Most working people -- those who have not been misinformed -- welcome mask mandates, as it makes the workplace much safer for them. As someone currently searching for a job, mask-and-vaccine mandates in the workplace are, if not an absolute requirement for me, at least a red flag where they are absent or not taken seriously.

I look forward to your thoughts on this.