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This is a cross-post from Nextdoor.


subject: freedom from sanity


  • 1950s: polio vaccine -- vaccine mandated, polio quickly eliminated, swimming pools reopen.
    • Public reaction: widespread cheering.
  • 1960s: vaccine takes childhood measles from a deadly threat to something nobody worries about anymore. Vaccine mandated in schools.
    • Public reaction: Widespread relief and cheering.
  • 1960s-70s: vaccine eradicates smallpox. Vaccine mandated in schools.
    • Public reaction: Widespread cheering.

...fast forward...

  • 2021: COVID-19 vaccine -- drastically reduces risk of getting sick or dying from a highly infectious global pandemic. Vaccine mandated for government workers and for school in some states
    • Public reaction: A THREAT TO OUR FREEDOMS! MUST STOP!

Now, if only this had happened in Texas, where there's really some government overreach going on...