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This is a crosspost from Nextdoor, in follow-up to a post that was deleted.


Let's revisit that deleted post.

The Context

Here's the video I posted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbp66UGcxhQ

Here's the report I received about the post:

Jeff Doscher [...] reported the post below as uncivil, unneighborly or offensive. https://help.nextdoor.com/s/article/Be-helpful-in-conversations

Reporter's note: "Negative, racist comments about white people....how many times do we need to call this out???"

Instead of just making "offensive" posts private, ND deletes them completely -- which unfortunately means I don't have a copy of exactly what I said.

He didn't quote anything I said, so I can only guess that he was objecting to what I said regarding white Republicans -- and what I remember saying about that is approximately this:

The Substance

White Republicans are terrified that if they allow the soon-to-be-a-majority of nonwhite people to express their preferences through voting, those people will treat white people the same way that those people have been treated by the white majority since before the US was founded.

This was in summary of what Wolff says at the end of his third item:

The Republicans are terrified. They've built an alliance around white -- and white is shrinking. What are they going to do? [...] Get more of those shrinking white people to vote. Get them very excited. Get them riled up. Get them to be fearful that as they become a minority, they may get treated by the new majority the way they treated minorities the last 200 years.

The context for that comment is a discussion about changing demographics; I've saved a full transcript here.

The point of this, which I probably also should have mentioned, is that it is the reason for the massive voter-suppression campaign in which the Republicans have been engaged in for some time, and which they have recently escalated to horrifying proportions.

They've admitted many times that they're doing it. They've been doing it for a long time because they knew this was coming; they've just really stepped up to the plate on this issue recently, in the wake of our worst president being soundly Tromped out of office. They've been going all-out in an effort to convince their base that elections are unreliable (as they work diligently to make elections less reliable) and that democracy is overrated.

The Ridiculous

As for Jeff's comment: even as plainly absurd as it was I might still have been tempted to dignify it with a response -- but since he didn't have the courage to confront me directly with his objections, I don't think I need to do that.

Apparently people with the necessary administrative privileges for post-removal took him seriously, but I do not.