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This is a crosspost from Nextdoor.


subject: "conservatives": what's good legislation? (take 2).

Joanne has agreed[1], if I'm understanding correctly, that the following is a reasonable methodology for political discussion:

We all state our viewpoints -- take a stand for what we each believe in. We engage in critical thinking to look at how we each arrived at different conclusions, share information and evidence, and hope to emerge with a better understanding of where our differences are -- and hopefully with fewer differences.

In view of this endorsement, I'll repost something I wrote back at the beginning of August[2]:

Spinning off of Philip M.'s recent comment in another thread[3], let me ask the conservative-identified folk here:

Can you give an example of some enacted legislation of which you approve? Why do you like it? What goal do you believe it accomplishes?



(I'm only reposting those for which I have permission, because of Nextdoor's terms of service. The general thrust of the conservoid response was that they're not going to say anything because I always attack them when they do.)

Jane posted the entire contents of this article by Heather Cox Richardson.

I replied:

That's an excellent observation, especially this bit:

When those accustomed to breaking things try to build them, they seem to have little idea of how much work it actually takes. They seem to think that actual accomplishments are there for the taking, and that splashy announcements and dramatic actions can solve intricate problems.

....although I think it's really more about how they're accustomed to ordering around other people who actually know what they're doing. They never had to learn how to do stuff themselves.

Unfortunately for the Trumpists, coming into office they had to build their team from scratch, and couldn't just raid talent from an existing organization with a reserve of competence... and they're too incompetent to know how to put a competent team together themselves.

...and then added:

This is reminding me of a billboard we saw when driving up to Asheville in 2016. It said something like "WANT JOBS? VOTE TRUMP-PENCE"

...as if the Democrats didn't *also* want to create jobs. As if lack of jobs were a choice that Dems were making, and all the T/P team had to do was create them, because the Dems were refusing to.

Like, DUDE -- you can't just SAY you'll create jobs. You need to explain your PLAN, and WHY you think it will create more jobs.

...but actually, apparently he didn't need to explain anything, about anything, ever; his followers never cared. They voted for him anyway.

If we were ever invaded by brain-eating aliens, the Trump followers would probably talk about how great they are and how the Dems are just jealous because they're afraid to eat brains and wish they could.