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co-operatives and ownership

Does anyone else here belong to a co-op or credit union (credit unions being more or less banking co-operatives)? Sandy and I belong to several, and have been repeatedly frustrated by the apparent lack of any kind of online member forums.

As co-op members, we supposedly collectively "own" these businesses -- but how are we supposed to discuss our needs and wants for the business, and properly exercise our ownership, if there's no reliable way to communicate with each other?

Co-ops/CUs to which we currently belong:

(added): formerly belonged to --

  • Self-Help Credit Union (https://self-help.org/)
  • Greater Piedmont Credit Union (though this was in the days before everyone had online banking -- so even as problematic as they were, I can't really blame them for not having a forum)

(P.S. I'm amused that although NextDoor is constantly thinking I'm mentioning a business in posts when I'm not, this time it didn't notice that I was mentioning not one but *three*. Maybe it only does that for reply-comments?)