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Chronic Illness Bingo


  1. Race Card
  2. FEMA camps
  3. death panels
  4. global warming conspiracy
  5. George Soros / Saul Alinsky
  6. terrorists hate freedom
  7. government will confiscate our guns
  8. forced healthcare
  9. Nuke 'em!
  10. liberal elite
  11. liberal mainstream media
  12. you can't legislate morality / change human nature through law
  13. sustainability hype
  14. if the truth offends you
  15. government debt will destroy us
  16. poverty hasn't decreased
  17. foreign aid doesn't reduce poverty
  18. "it takes a village" = government raising children
  19. comparing a national budget to a household budget [1]


  1. intolerance of bigotry is intolerant
  2. kicking God out of the schools
  3. gay marriage harms hetero marriage
  4. creeping Sharia
  5. America is a Christian nation


  1. "socialism" as a put-down
  2. helping people makes them more dependent [2]
  3. "personal responsibility"
  4. tax breaks for the rich
  5. punishing success / rewarding failure
  6. (redistribution of wealth will) "make everyone poor"
  7. never got a job from a poor person
  8. they're just trying to make money
  9. government is the problem
  10. welfare queens / wealthy poor people
  11. taxation is theft
  12. government = enforcement at gunpoint
  13. government = arbitrary opinions
  14. other people's money
  15. entitled to someone else's earnings [3]
  16. the rich pay more than their fair share of taxes [4]
  17. Don't be jealous of rich people.

Science Denialism

  1. it's cold today, so no global warming XKCD
  2. (GW) ignorance is safety
    • assume no threat until models pass some arbitrary standard of accuracy
  3. (GW) it's not our fault
    • ...therefore we shouldn't try to do anything about it
  4. (EVO) were you there?
    • i.e. events are only scientifically verified if someone saw them happen
  5. evolution is just a theory


  1. abstinence is 100% effective
  2. just keep your legs together
  3. rape almost never leads to pregnancy
  4. boys will be boys
  5. asking for it
  6. abortion as birth control


Trump Debate Bingo (from 2020)