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Gender-Critical-led disinformation prevents trans people from getting meds

I wasn't initially sure what this was about:

  • 2020-10-07 14:14 @GenderGP As a result of the recent negative press attention our prescribing chemist has been told they are unable to fulfil the prescriptions of the thousands of trans patients who use GenderGP.

...but Oliver has explained it here (thread)

Basically, the media heard one side of the story (the "silenced" side) and ran with it.

...and this is the result:

  • 2020-10-08
    • 3000 Transgender People Set To Lose Medication In U.K. Pharmacy Regulator Row (via)
    • Concerns relating to Clear Chemist
      • 10:39 @TheGPhC We wanted to share the statement we’ve published today in relation to the concerns raised about Clear Chemist and the actions we are taking
        • 12:47 @Tara_Hewitt Awful statement from GPHC making clear some in medical establishment are clear trans peoples health & wellbeing isn't a priority against rising anti trans ideology. Cisgender leaders in healthcare if you are allies you need to challenge these people as trans people are powerless
          • 13:27 @FierceMum The systemic weight of institutional prejudice continues to bear down on trans communities; especially on trans children & adolescents. Establishment organisations fail to protect trans kids one after the other. It is becoming impossible to protect our daughter here in the UK.

...and they insist on seeing that as a positive:

  • 2020-10-08 13:41 @intersexfacts It's interesting to see how angry trans activists are that the General Pharmaceutical Council has taken steps to safeguard children and adults with dysphoria and ensure they receive appropriate medical care.

No, you asshole -- it means they are unable to receive appropriate medical care.

  • 2020-10-08 10:30 @BigBillMoon This is key, I think. Teenagers are described as ‘competent to give consent’ while also ‘suicidal and in great distress’. / Can’t really have it both ways.

YES YOU BLOODY WELL CAN. This is taking away the agency of suicidal people, which MAKES THINGS WORSE.