Transnegation Roundup/2020/08/13

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02:48 @iamtranssexual I really wish I had cancer. Just because I dont have the symptoms. I want to have cancer! It would be such a turn on. We need to stop allowing only those diagnosed with cancer to claim a monopoly on it. / Sound insane? / Why has it been allowed for transsexualism....? [self-reply tweet adds] This is not intented to be offensive to those with cancer - quite the opposite. / If you were able to identify into a condition without qualifying you demean and triviliase the experiences sufferers have.

You could argue the same with depression -- that you can't call yourself depressed unless you have a diagnosis.

This cruel mockery makes me very angry.

12:19 @zaelefty It's fascinating to see someone claim that there are no meaningful differences between males and females, including in hormone levels and phenotypes. / This is what happens when science is abandoned for political activism.

Nobody is claiming this. Red-flag.png misrepresentation

There are no distinctions which are always true for any given individual, except identity.

Countering Myths

04:25 @BellaRizinti You'll see transphobes saying "these kids should be given therapy before they're given meds" which is EXACTLY what happens. Trans kids ALL go through rigorous psychological assessments by cis people, before ANYTHING else happens. What transphobes r raging about, already happens.

Thread also debunks the claim that Stonewall UK abandoned Mermaids and claims about puberty blockers.