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Irrelevant Comment: “that's the argument in your mind, not mine.”


The implicit argument here is that your conclusion is false because the speaker doesn't see the situation the same way you do.


"that's the argument in your mind. Not mine. I know no one today that aligns with the ideology of the southern democrats. And you have not made a case for it. Just thin conjecture. Show me proof."[1]


You can't just say "I don't accept your argument". You must dispute either (a) one of the premises or (b) the logic in order to refute the conclusion. If you do not, then the argument stands unrefuted.

This is a close relative of "that's your opinion" and "that's your bias".


  1. 2015-04-18 Jim Sisco, comment on Google+ -- this comment contains two additional fallacies: (1) I don't know any examples, therefore there aren't any; (2) I say you haven't made a case, therefore you haven't.