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This article is under construction and should not be used as a reference. Awaiting examples, mainly.
Irrelevant Comment: “If you think government cares about you, then you're a naïve sheep.”


  • "...what's really funny is that there are still morons who think the us federal government gives two shits about them, their money, or their health... such statist fucktards!!! [..] the irony [is] that they whine neverendingly about how badly they've been gouged by the wars, the banking, the black budgets, the civil forfeiture... then turn around and expect the people that do these things to give them good service at a fair price... it's mindbogglingly feeble"[1]


Government is a tool. It doesn't "care" about anything; it's up to the user to care, and to direct the tool appropriately.


  1. 2015-07-10 private IRC discussion