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Irrelevant Comment: “Women have uteruses and ovaries.”


It is often argued that because women have uteruses and ovaries, a trans woman – who will generally not have a uterus or ovaries[1] – must not be really a woman – is therefore not "really" a woman.


This ignores the large number of undisputed exceptions, including:

Unless you are willing to deny womanhood to all of these people, you need to explain why they are allowed as exceptions while trans women are not.

Of equal importance is that "womanhood" goes way beyond reproduction, and many women (especially feminists) reject the idea that one's gender can be defined by reproductive biology. Even if you just look at "biological sex", there are many other gender-related characteristics which are usually aligned by gender but sometimes are not. What really matters, though, is "the largest sex organ": the brain – which is what ultimately defines identity and therefore gender.


  1. large part because medical technology had not until recently made this possible; see HTYP.