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Statement Sources

  • 2014-12-10 - 2014-12-24 (active): States are awesome aren't they? (Illinois makes recording police illegal)
  • 2013-12-13 - 2014-01-06: It's interesting to have extremes in both ends.
    • I also find that the goal of anarchism and liberalism quite connected if different in their approach. One sees the path to freedom with the shackles of government removed, the other sees the path is by using it as a tool to provide opportunities unavailable to many, even most.
    • I'll just note that your "non-coercive" solution used words like "require" and "enforcement"
    • Each definition of a crime is coercion by the will [of] a group of people, perhaps the majority.
    • Requiring corporations to fund the poorest, while it may be a system that works may not be a system that is right.
    • That said, I truly abhor this stupid idea that corporations are people, and I do not think they deserve any of the rights individuals enjoy. So while I just wrote all that, I am not fundamentally opposed to a tax to fund minincome, especially if it gets rid of all those programs.
    • Makes a suggestion:
      • If we are going to have a paid-for government, if much rather see a flat tax with a threshold on individuals, not corporations at all. Zero for corporations.
      • No write offs, no tax havens, no breaks for doing something. If you want to give to charity give to charity, I don't see why that act should be funded by tax payers.
      • Then simultaneously [strip corporations] of free speech rights, basically any constitutional rights awarded to people. They can't donate to political campaigns.
    • If you are born here and stay here your participation in the economic system is forced, essentially at gunpoint. Hence the comparison to slavery. (Therefore you have no option not to be taxed.)
    • I've noticed a little if what you are talking about when I was in France this summer. Because so many worries are distributed, like healthcare and other things a lot if small businesses were experimented with. City bikes, play/learning spaces. Things that exist here but more readily available to more people. It was nice to see.