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The Scandal

Supposedly there was some kind of scandal about the IRS, under Obama, targeting Tea Party groups (but not liberal groups) for possible investigation.


  • "This is truly outrageous. And it contributes to the profound distrust that the American people have in government. It is absolutely chilling that the IRS was singling out conservative groups for extra review. And I think that it's very disappointing that the president hasn't personally condemned this and spoken out." -- Susan Collins (R-ME), 5/12
  • "The Tea Party people have known about this and were working on this. But they said – it was just some odd underlings out in Cincinnati who did this and there was no political motive whatever involved. Now the question is, how stupid do they think we are? Just imagine, Donna Brazile, if the George W. Bush administration had an IRS underling, he’s out in Cincinnati, of course, saying we’re going to target groups with the word 'progressive' in their title. We’d have all hell breaking loose." -- George Will, conservatroll, 5/12
  • "The fact is if you're doing something and it's wrong, it's illegal, it's the kind of thing that scares the American people to their core, when Americans are being targeted for audits based on their political beliefs, that needs to change." -- Darrell Issa (R-CA), right-wingnut and chairman of the House Committee on Oversight
  • "If in fact IRS personnel engaged in the kind of practices that have been reported on and were intentionally targeting conservative groups, then that’s outrageous. And there’s no place for it." -- Barack Obama, 5/14

The "scandal" continued long after it was debunked:

...and is still being repeated on social media as of 2015:

"What about the IRS scandal? Thats one example of liberals making right wingers lives worse." - FuzzyLittleBastard, comment on Google+, 2015-04-05

The Reality

This is was a fake scandal created and maintained by the Republican Party with the assistance of the media:

  • The IRS was specifically requested by House Republicans to investigate conservative groups.[1]
  • The IRS investigated some liberal groups anyway.[2][3]
  • The media helped magnify public perception of the "scandal" by selectively reporting only the actions against conservatroll groups.[4]

The supposed scandal was widely reported in the media while the fact that it was untrue was widely ignored, as was the fact that the focus on Tea Party groups had been requested by none other than Republican Darrell Issa.




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