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posted to Fact-Based Ethical Politics on Nextdoor; transcribed from pencil writing found on the back of an order printout dated 2009-07-08

Found a thing I'd scribbled down about 10 years ago...


Conservatives like to pretend that liberal objections to conservative insanity is basically irrational in nature -- [which is] understandable, since irrationality is how they understand the world -- and so they assume that by uncovering presumed irrational motivations behind liberal views, they have not only answered but demolished those views.

What they completely fail to notice, having viewed everything through the filter of presumption that we are equally irrational, is that they have totally and utterly failed to answer the rational substance of those arguments.

Conservatives need to understand that you have got actually show a rules violation before you can declare the game forfeit. Conservatives go on to break the rules themselves and declare victory -- which is just one reason not to take conservative arguments seriously.


In retrospect, I was probably giving them too much credit for even trying to play fair or think analytically; it seems clear now that they consider logic as a way of tricking people and fairness as a weakness to be exploited.